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Board of Directors

Eric Wilson, President

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Eric is a life-long educator who has invested his life, personal finances, and love in the program since 2007 in the role of houseparent. Much more than that, he has been the committed father-figure every child needs in order to trust, dream, and achieve his full potential.

He continues to wear many hats including web design, donor relations, guidance counselor, financial advisor, marketing team, chef, author and Chief Dreamer.

Jeanine McLeod, Vice President

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Jeanine is the founder and owner of the award-winning Cloud 9 Studios in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Jeanine serves as the official photographer of Dreamers and Doers. Her roles not involving the camera include networking, brainstorming, and serving as a voice of reason, asking insightful questions to help us improve. A generator of ideas, Jeanine helps keep Dreamers and Doers moving forward.

Gleb Barkovskiy, Treasurer

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Gleb is the first alumnus of Dreamer and Doers. An industrious individual, Gleb takes great pride in all that he does. He is hungry for success and is willing to go the distance when pursuing his goals, both big and small. He joins our board to provide both financial acumen he has be developing in college and inspiration for future donors and students. He is an outstanding example of the return on our years long investment.

Roadmap to the Future - 2018


The vision of Dreamers and Doers is to build a network of supporters that will allow us to transform the live of children. Within the next three years we aim to graduate two more students from college, and one from high school allowing us to focus on impacting more young lives.


Dreamers and Doers impacts the world by seeking elementary age children from necessitous situations around the world and providing them a caring home, outstanding educational opportunities, and loving support through high school and beyond.

Objectives - Dreaming

  • Increase number of active donors to one hundred.
  • Increase number of active followers to three hundred.
  • Increase number of active fundraising seasons from two to three.
  • Generate revenue from author events and book sales.
  • Establish minimum cash reserve of $10,000.
  • Provide fantastic opportunities to additional children in need.
  • Create a long-term housing solution.
  • Add two - three additional board members.

Strategies - Ideas

  • Use our newly-released book as a platform to build awareness of our efforts and successes.
  • Generate blog content to continually engage readers and fans.
  • Develop strategies and systems that allow us to have a more consistent and organic relationship with fans and donors.
  • Craft a consistent and effective marketing plan and message.
  • Refresh and refine “behind the scenes" systems to maximize efficiencies both short and long-term (including bookkeeping, donor management, recordkeeping, etc.)

Actions Plans - Doing

  • Create content and message for author speaking events by May 1, 2018
  • Book three author events in 2018
  • Create an audiobook of Raising the KGB by November 1, 2018.
  • Create and implement media communication plan by May 2018
  • Research return-on-investment for social media and create data collection protocol for effectiveness (ongoing 2018)
  • Increase quality and quantity of video content on the webpage.
  • Populate Tap Form database with all current donors’ details by June 2018
  • Structure file hierarchy and protocol for digital record keeping by March 2018

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Dreamers and Doers is featured in our book Raising the KGB, the exciting tale of four Russian boys and Eric defying all the odds in pursuit of the American Dream.

Dreamers and Doers
23110 State Road 54 #270
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23110 State Road 54 #270
Lutz, FL 33549